Thursday August 2 2007

East Burke VT

Hottest day of the summer, 34C max.

Shortest route in distance to East Burke to date.

Time and mileage

Three-hours and fifteen minutes, 102 miles (~) round trip.

Left Ayer's Cliff at about 5:15pm and arrived in East Burke at around 6:30. Ate at the Pub Outback and departed East Burke around 7:15. Arrived home around 8:30.

Route down

  • Ayer's Cliff; Rte 147 to:
  • Rock Island/Derby Line; Rte 5 to:
  • Derby Center; Rte 105 to:
  • Rte 5A; Rte 5A to:
  • Lake Willoughby and Westmore; cont. Rte 5A to:
  • West Burke; Burke Hollow road south to:
  • Burke Hollow; cont. Burke Hollow road to:
  • East Burke

Route back

  • East Burke; Burke Hollow Road to:
  • Burke Hollow; (north) on Sugar House Road to:
  • East Ridge Road; Left (south) on East Ridge Road to:
  • Rte 5A; Rte 5A North to:
  • Lake Willoughby and Westmore; cont. Rte 5A to:
  • Rte 105; Rte 105 West to:
  • Derby Center; cont. Rte 105 West to:
  • Derby Line/Rock Island; Rte 147 to:
  • Ayer's Cliff.

Road conditions

Parts of 147, 5, and 105 are bumpy, but mostly the asphalt is smooth or, as in the case of Burke Hollow Road, very smooth.

North of where Sugar House Road intersects Newark Road (paved), it narrows until it is barely one lane wide - charming, but beware of oncoming traffic around blind curves on twists and turns!

There are a few colonies of potholes on Sugar House, but in general the road has very good gravel surface until it narrows at which time it becomes quite sandy and loose.

East Ridge Road going south is downhill and it was in great shape tonight

The Sugar House Road and East Ridge Road switch-back offers superb "gravel road beneath maples" and a great west view. Sunset stuff, as tonight.

Both north and south approaches to Lake Willoughby offer stunning views of the spectacular cliffs surrounding the lake, as well as peaks to the west and south.

Roadside Attractions

  • East Burke Pub Out Back: good food very reasonably priced, Switchback unfiltered ale on draft for $3US a pint, rock and roll music, and a volley ball tournement on Thurday nights. Opens at 4pm, lunch served on Saturdays.
  • East Burke General Store: great pizza and sandwiches when the Pub Out Back is not open.
  • Burke Mountain

Moon rise over Burke Mountain