Tuesday June 19 2007

Ayer's Cliff - Sawyerville

Hot sunny day.

Time and mileage

Eighty-five miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes with two brief map stops and a 15-minute stop at East Clifton scenic view.

It's 45 minutes from junction of Rte 253 and 206 to home by way of Moe's River Road.



  • Ayer's Cliff [0 mi]; Rte 208 to:
  • Massawippi; cont. Rte 208 to:
  • Hatley; cont. Rte 208 to:
  • Compton [14 mi]; cont. Rte 208 to:
  • Moe's River; Rte 208 to:
  • Martinville; Chemin de St. Isidore east to:
  • Chemin de Bulwer; north to Chemin Sawyerville; to:
  • Chemin Lowry; to:
  • Chemin de High Forest; to:
  • Sawyerville; Rte 253 south to:
  • East Clifton; cont. Rte 253 to:
  • Route 206; west to:
  • St. Edwidge; Rte 251 north to:
  • Martinville; Rte 208 west to:
  • Moe's River; Compton; Hatley; Massawippi; Rte 208 to:
  • Ayer's Cliff

Road conditions

  • Rte 208 is decent its whole length, but expect crushed stone on the road about 3 1/2 miles east of Hatley
  • Rte 253 is 57BPM @50 MPH
  • Gravel roads between Martinville and Sawyerville freshly graveled and graded - loose stuff


Great curves along ridges through hilly farm country and towns in river valleys.

Gravel roads between Martinville and Sawyerville are spectacular for their winding curves and steep descents as well as general scenery

Rte 253 is 60BPM@55MPH most of the way, but the scenery around East Clifton makes it worth the pain.

Gas stations

  • Ayer's Cliff
  • Compton
  • Martinville

Roadside Attractions

  • Water falls/bird sanctuary, Martinville
  • Sculpture, East Clifton, Route 253