Monday June 18 2007

Ayer's Cliff - Ste Anne de la Rochelle

Hot and sunny day. Overall, kind of a boring ride.

Time and mileage

About 65 miles, two hours with many stops for photos.



  • Ayer's Cliff; Rte 141 north to:
  • Magog; cont. Rte 141; Rte 112 to:
  • Chemin George Bonnallig; north to:
  • Rte 220; west to:
  • Bonsecours; cont. Rte 220 to:
  • Rte 243; west to:
  • Ste-Anne de la Rochelle; cont. Rte 243 to:
  • Warden; cont. Rte 243 to:
  • Waterloo; Rte 112 east to:
  • South Stukely; cont. Rte 112 to:
  • Rte 141; south to:
  • Magog; Rte 141 to:
  • Ayer's Cliff

Road conditions

  • Rte 220 was just about the only decent road surface
  • Chemin George Bonnallig 62BPM@50MPH


Secondary and tertiary roads through slightly hilly farm country. Farms small and seedy in general. Much more built up and not nearly as scenic as areas further east (Compton - St. Malo, for example).

Gas stations

  • Everywhere

Special Attractions