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The Weeping Willow

Near the water in the wood
The lone willow stands
Bark rough, and leaves soft
The willow droops in grief
For the age of Knights is gone
Standing bravely, standing strong
Last reminder of an age long gone

Phoebe Miller
Fall 2004
Notes on Mommy

Total silence.

She is pouring herself a drink and laughing at my terribly serious notes.

Singing "Laundry" to the tune of "The Bear Went Over the Mountain".

Being a silly chicken and doing laundry. Talking to herself and making a hullabalu. Whistling somthing unknown. Unknown noises coming from the celler. Coming up.

Going upstairs and issuing orders. Folding laundry. Refusing to get me something to eat. Talking nonsense. Being outraged over nothing.

Laughing uproariously. Making unwanted noise. Being a know-it-all. Talking about time flying. Talking nonsense again.

Doing things with her computer.

Sorting laundry and whistling "The Bear Went Over the Mountain".

Ordering unwantedly.

Being stupid.

Saying "beep, beep" and going downstairs.

Singing with grandfather as coming upstairs.

Fooling with computer.

Being glum. And telling the world that I can't go out.

Hugging Paul.

Going down to make lunch. (Grilled cheese sandwicthes).

Telling Paul "no, no, no". Saying "good" to something totally serious.

Going to the bathroom.

Coming out and answering Paul's question.

Making fun of my very important job.

Getting mad. Giving me cheese. Checking the grilled cheese sanwitches and talking about Eddy Murphy.

Going to the deck and back to the kitchen to check the sandwitches again. Talking nonsense again.

Phoebe Miller
Message of Urgence
A peice of advice

Always write things by hand. Use the old ways and don't bother with computers. It is always better no matter how you look at it. You save money, you don't have to spend hours and hours on the phone fixing your computer and you don't have to worry about things lik internet bugs. It really makes out well. I hope that everyone who reads this takes this peice of advice. Please consider selling your computer and taking up writing.

Phoebe Miller
"The Advisor"
The Weekend's Gossip
Saturday, Feb 15, 2003

Today my grandmother gave us late Valentine presents. I got: this note book, a clipboard, a basket with a lid which has my name and some kittens on it, some push-out crayons, an aloe vera cosmetic kit, some stickers, some animal pictures, and another notebook. They are for a trip to Orlando, Florida the first week of March.

My grandmother and grandfather were supposed to come today, but my father and I have ben sick lately, so they are not coming. They will come on Thursday or we will go there on Friday. In some ways I want to go, but if they come here they can see my lizard (Pippin) that I got for Christmas.

Have to go practice cello.

Phoebe Miller
Staedterl Fidito
May, 2001



Lorato cofbeeto susass cabito icka lurry. Wizardress sticka binned dret atonin.

Floreto sita deda ded. Dredato fareeo thinkded. Bork dort a sitato. Thit ato nina du lurry a helato.


Phoebe Miller

March, 2001

The snailter likes sun. When the snailter comes out from its long Winter and Spring hibernation it basks out in the sun. If the sun goes behind the clouds the snailter will curl up somewhere where there is cover. Prefered hiding places of the snailter are logs, long grass, or outdoor shelters.

Snailters are very rare and only are seen in the Miller's woods. Some people do not believe in snailters. I do.

By Phoebe Miller


When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

The SixSTAR News
November, 2000

SixSTAR members are proud to present a club called "sixSTAR". These new club members are: Pascale-Ann, Phoebe Miller, Julia Mackinon and a little girl in Kindergardin. This news has been all over the daily news of sixSTAR.
Phoebe's Shrinking Potion
  • 1 beet leaf
  • 6 maple leaves (orange or yellow)
  • 24 pine needles
  • 1 of the magical plant leaves
  • 1 mushroom
  • 1 piece of thread (small)
  • 1 hair (blond)
  • 2 shovelfuls of earth
  • 2 cups boiled water
Must sit for 1 day and 1 night.
The Ocean Needs Us

When I grow up, there is no question about it. None at all. I was never sure of what to be until we went to a museum of science. We saw a movie on coral reefs, how they are dissapearing. Then, it hit me. I had always wanted to perhaps go into marine-biology, but that was when I realized that the ocean needs me. It has always been something special to mankind, and done so much for us. Now it is time for us to do something for the ocean. To save it from being a trash bin, and the fish from becoming extinct. I will be a Marine biologist, and help save the ocean.

March 10, 2003
Phoebe Miller, 2001
The Ancient Magic
by Phoebe Miller
November, 2000

Once there was a shark. His name was Fearless. He was friends with a fish called Rainbow. Rainbow was beautiful, with colors of dark pink, light pink, orange with spots and all different light colors.

Fearless and Rainbow were king and queen of the ocean. They were kind to the fish and whales. They were magic. They used their magic to help the fish and other sea creatures.

One day one whale got stuck in a orange juice can. Help! Called the whale. Rainbow and Fearless came. They used their magic to free the whale and then they took all the litter out of the ocean and put it in the people's homes to see how they would like it.
Sintifik Ecsparamentsz
by Phoebe Miller


very shiny,
very rainbow like,
looks a lot like creastels,
looks like it's cut from rock,
looks like ocean waves have been pounding on it,
is clear.



Pop Art




Once there was a very mysterious creature called a ferniton. There was only one left in the world. It had short legs that had fern leaves on them. I say "short" when I mean about as tall as a beagle. He is very skinny. He has pointy ears and a pointy hat.

Since all of his friends are gone because of humans he vowed never to forgive them. The only place he ever goes or lives was in ferniton land. It was surrounded in golden turrets and towers and totally invisable to people. This way all though people wanted to get him he was well protected.