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Internet Star Grumpy Cat Dead at 7

Immediately reincarnated as human

12:22 5/16/2019

The owner of Internet sensation Grumpy Cat announced today that the beloved feline has passed away at the age of seven years. Grumpy Cat delighted millions as a meme that brought a little lightness to life even when things got "heavy".

Fans can be heartened, however, by the news that upon death Grumpy Cat was reincarnated into a human body. Credible sources said on Thursday that Grumpy Cat was morphed from his cat body into that of a grumpy old white guy.

Photo of Grumpy Cat Photo of Grumpy Cat reincarnated as a grumpy old white guy
Grumpy Old White Guy has not yet responded to our request for comment, but sources say he indicated he will continue to spread happiness and delight throughout the world as he carries forward the bannon for Grumpiness.