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The index to Hermit's guide on using MS-Excel.

MS-Excel Index

Errors and Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet Errors

Spreadsheet basics

Common spreadsheet applications

MS-Excel window

Workbooks and worksheets

Rows, columns, and cells

Cell references

Cell ranges

Cell Contents

Text (digits) or number?



Variables and Externalized Variables




Order of precedence (evaluation)

Conditional statements and the IF() function

User interface

Selecting a cell

Selecting, copying, and filling

Eliminating AutoComplete annoyance

Keyboard shortcuts

Slash Commands

MS-Excel Views

Normal view

Formula view

Split Window

Freeze Panes

Color worksheet tabs

Custom Views

Open workbooks in their own program windows

Tile workbooks opened in their own program windows

Hiding rows and columns


Cell selection after data entry

Form-style data-entry

Restricting data-entry to a range of cells

Filling entire range with same value, formula, or text

Locking Cells

Eliminating AutoComplete annoyance


Workbook documentation

Worksheet documentation

Worksheet Layout

How to arrange data

2-D and 3-D data representation

Representing data in 2 and 3-dimensions


Currency symbols (dollar signs)/a>

Decimal point alignment

Text alignment

Text indentation

Date formats

Graphs and charts

Using graphs and charts

Graph types

Line graphs

Column and bar graphs

Pie graphs

Scatter graphs


Print Area

Tips and Traps

Tips and Traps

Feckless Features

Data Bars

Spreadsheet Errors

Avoiding spreadsheet errors

Cool arcane stuff

Lotus 1-2-3 slash commands

Copy worksheets between workbooks

Saving a workspace

Scroll worksheet without changing active cell