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The index to computer security articles, including computer malware and computer backup.

Computer Security Index

Data Backup
This article describes three methods of backing up files. It includes discussions of media, kinds of backups, backup cycles, and restoring backups.

Magnetic Tape Technology
This article describes some of the advantages for large organizations of magnetic tape backup media.

Characteristics of Different Backup Types
This article gives details about the five most common types of backup: Full, Incremental, Differential, Daily Copy, and Copy.

Child, Parent, Grandparent Backup Cycle
This article describes in detail the Child, Parent, Grandparent backup cycle.

Computer Malware
This article defines malware and associated terms and describes in detail the common types of malware. It discusses strategies for avoiding malware, including anti-virus software. It also gives sociological and economic background information about malware and Internet crime.

Ten Most Common Passwords
This article lists commonly-used, unsecure passwords.