Keyboard Shortcuts

Top-Forty Memorable Keyboard Shortcuts

Keystroke(s) Where Result
Home Everywhere Cursor to beginning of line
End Everywhere Cursor to end of line
Ctrl+Home Everywhere Cursor to beginning of document
Ctrl+End Everywhere Cursor to end of document
Ctrl+Left/Right arrow Everywhere Cursor left/right one word at a time
Ctrl+A Everywhere Select entire document or field
Ctrl+C Everywhere Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl+X Everywhere Cut selection to clipboard (move)
Ctrl+V Everywhere Paste clipboard contents to cursor location
Esc (escape key) Everywhere Cancel command, prompt, or dialogue box
Alt+Tab Windows Switch between open applications
Alt+F4 Windows Apps Close active application (prompts for save)
Ctrl+A Windows Apps Select all
Ctrl+B Windows Apps Bold selection
Ctrl+F Windows Apps Find dialogue box
Ctrl+I Windows Apps Italicize selection
Ctrl+O Windows Apps Open new file
Ctrl+P Windows Apps Open Print dialogue box
Ctrl+S Windows Apps Save dialogue
Ctrl+U Windows Apps Underline selection
Ctrl+Z Windows Apps Undo previous command
Ctrl+F4 Windows Apps Close document (prompts for save) not application
Ctrl+F6 Windows Apps Switch between documents in active application
Ctrl+Up/Down arrow Windows Apps Move paragraph at a time toward top/bottom of doc
Ctrl+Shift++ Windows Apps Superscript
Ctrl+= Windows Apps Subscript
Ctrl+Shift+ > Windows Apps Font size larger
Ctrl+Shift+ < Windows Apps Font size smaller
F5 MS-Excel Go to (cell reference)
Ctrl+Shift+!/$/#/% MS-Excel Format as Number/Currency/Date/Percentage
Alt+I+U MS-Word Page numbers
Alt+O+P MS-Word Paragraph dialogue box
Alt+Shift+Up/Down MS-Word (and Powerpoint) Move paragraph or bulleted item up or down
Alt+Shift+Left/Right MS-Word Apply Heading 1/Heading 2 style
Ctrl+D MS-Word Font Dialogue box
F4 MS-Word Repeat previous command
Shift+F3 MS-Word Change case (of selection)
Shift+F5 MS-Word Return to last edit (prior to Word 2007)
Alt+Home Internet Explorer Go to home page
Alt+Left/Right Internet Explorer Go back/forward in cache
F5 Internet Explorer Refresh page (fetch from server)
Alt or F10 Internet Explorer/Windows Explorer Toggle menu bar on/off

Bruce Miller, 2004, 2014