Web Browsers

This article helps you save paper by showing you how to make more information fit into less space when printing web pages.

Shrinking to Fit in Web Browsers

Shrinking to fit can reduce the number of pages for documents printed, thus saving paper.

Internet Explorer

Version 8 or higher

  1. Press F10 or Alt if menu bar is not visible (File Edit, View, Favorites, etc)
  2. Click File on menu bar OR click down arrow to right of Print Menu icon on the toolbar
  3. Click Print Preview
  4. On the Print Preview toolbar, click the down arrow for Shrink to fit
  5. Click on 70 percent
  6. Click printer icon OR press Alt-P

Older versions

  1. In the View menu, click Text size
  2. Click on Smallest
  3. In the File menu, click on Print
  4. Click on Print


  1. Click File on menu bar
  2. Click Print Preview
  3. On the Print Preview toolbar, click the down arrow next to Scale
  4. Set scale to 70%
  5. Click on Print


  1. Click on Customize and Control Chrome (top right corner, wrench or 3 horiz lines)
  2. Set Zoom to something like 57%
  3. Click on Print

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