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In the Good Old Days...

"You cannot load information directly from a spreadsheet into Ventura Desktop Publisher. You can, with effort, incorporate data from a spreadsheet into Ventura. My advice, however, is to use spreadsheet data only if it is necessary..."

Schuyler W. Lininger, Jr. Ventura Publisher Tips, Tricks, and Traps. 1989. Que Corporation

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These brain teasers demonstrate how the imaginative use of application software features can accomplish tedious, time-consuming tasks involving potentially large amounts of data with a tiny fraction of the effort required to do them manually.

Many of the examples show how data can be shuffled between two or more application to exploit their respective strengths as part of the total solution.

Read the brain teasers and check out the provided data. Cast your mental net wide and see if a solution appears. Multiple solutions are possible, but elegance, speed, and simplicity are the goals.

Stumped? Complete description and step-by-step instructions are included for each brain-teaser. Give them a try and enjoy new horizons.

Moving Items Up and Down in a List

Sort a Table and Transpose Columns

Transpose Table Rows and Columns

Manipulating Dates and Transforming Lists

Data fix-up

MS-Access Data clean-up and count

Manipulate a list

Create a Spreadsheet in Notepad

Clear hyperlink format

Automate Insertion of Formatted Dates in MS-Word

Analyze Research Results