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In the Good Old Days

"You cannot load information directly from a spreadsheet into Ventura Desktop Publisher. You can, with effort, incorporate data from a spreadsheet into Ventura. My advice, however, is to use spreadsheet data only if it is necessary..."

Schuyler W. Lininger, Jr.
Ventura Publisher Tips, Tricks, and Traps. 1989. Que Corporation

These brain teasers are intended to illustrate useful and interesting computing techniques and software features.

Nearly all of the problems presented involve the manipulation of data and many require shuffling data back and forth between different applications.

Read the brain teasers and look at their data, if any. Cast your mental net until a solution arises. Multiple solutions are possible, but elegance, speed, and simplicity are the goal.

Moving Items Up and Down in a List

Sort a Table and Transpose Columns

Transpose Table Rows and Columns

Manipulating Dates and Transforming Lists

Data fix-up

Data clean-up and count

Manipulate a list

Create a Spreadsheet in Notepad

Clear hyperlink format

Automate Insertion of Formatted Dates in MS-Word

Analyze Research Results

Bruce Miller, 2008, 2016

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