Brain Teaser #12

This article is one in a series presenting labor and time-saving techniques to accomplish real-world computing tasks. The goal is to stimulate the reader's imagination and to demonstrate creative and highly practical ways of applying computer application program features.

Using a Plain Text Editor to Remove Formatting


Your bot-net harvested another 150,000 email addresses during the night and you want to add them to your SPAM list, but... oops, er, ahem....

Your boss presents you with a MS-Word document containing the email addresses of potential new clients. He'd like you to add them to the company's database, but for some reason they just won't import correctly.

The addresses are formatted as hyperlinks in the MS-Word document and you suspect this is the problem. Remove the hyperlink formats from all the addresses.


30 seconds.


Data File (MS-Word file)

Bruce Miller, 2008, 2016


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