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Facebook Finally Admits 'Mood Altering' Study Not The Best Idea 2014. Huffington Post. Alexis Kleinman.
Facebook Sued For $123 Million Over 'Revenge Porn' 2014. Huffington Post. Ed Mazza.
New social networks promise to reward people with money as well as 'likes's 2014. Montreal Gazette. Associated Press.
As long as you're not a woman 2014. Nathaniel Mott. Apparently it's okay to post naked photos to Facebook.
Iraq Crisis: ISIS Social Media Blitz Could Be Its Downfall 2014. via Huffington Post. CBC.
Sheryl Sandberg Stops Short Of Apology For Facebook Mood Study 2014. Huffington Post. Rebecca Hiscott.
Take a peek into the lives of the Rich Kids of Snapchat 2014. Mail Online. Margot Peppers.
Facebook Is Under Investigation For Mood Manipulation Study 2014. Huffington Post. Reuters.
When Ethical Worlds Collide 2014. Huffington Post. Edward W. Felten. Facebook's Emotional Manipulation Study.
Facebook tinkered with users' feeds for a massive psychology experiment 2014. A.V.Club. William Hughes.
Yes. Facebook will KNOW you've been browsing for smut 2014. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. Zuck's spell: Look into my eyes, not around the eyes. You're under.
Script fools n00b hackers into hacking themselves 2014. The Register. Phil Muncaster. Indian Facebook users targeting their mates shoot selves in foot.
Facebook To Acquire Titan Aerospace, Maker Of Solar-Powered Drones? 2014. Huffington Post. Bringing Facebook to Africa....
Thanks a lot, Facebook: Microsoft turns Office 365 into social network 2014. The Register. Jack Clark. In Redmond, no one lets you unfriend your boss.
How a Facebook post by blabbermouth daughter cost her parents $80,000 2014. The Register. Iain Thomson. As she yammered to her chums online: 'SUCK IT'.
Makers of Paper App Ask Facebook to Change Its New App Name 2014. New York Times. Nick Bilton.
'I had a rare Twitter handle... I was extorted into giving it up' 2014. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell.
Facebook unwraps Paper, a content-hoover application 2014. The Register. Jack Clark. Ad-slinger cranks out new content mgmnt system for social network denizons.
Facebook's Plan For AI: Transcribe Your Calls, Decipher Your Photos 2014. Huffington Post. Bianca Bosker.
Why Facebook Is Doomed 2014. Huffington Post. Jonathan Guy.
New Study Shows Teens Are Sooo Over Facebook 2014. Huffington Post. Drew Guarini.
Facebook 'Unfriending' Sees Boiling Water Thrown At Teenage Girl 2014. Huffington Post UK.
Cyber bullying: Mom publicly shames her daughter for being a bully 2014. Parent Dish. Isabelle Knoo.
Man Worth $20 Billion Gets 'Crazy' When People Say He Cares About Money 2014. Huffington Post. Dino Grandoni.
Facebook Lawsuit Alleges Site 'Reading Its Users' Personal Messages' 2014. Huffington Post.
Hyenas FACEBOOK each other with their ARSES: True FACT 2013. The Register. Jasper Hamill. It's like a business card, say po-faced boffins.
Facebook's Rapidly Declining Popularity With Teens In 1 Chart 2013. Huffington Post. Bianca Bosker.
Facebook slammed as beheading vids surface on Zuck's network 2013. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. We're not the publishers, just a benign social network ... bitch.
Swarm of Rivals Seeking Share of Social Media Pie 2013. New York Times. Jenna Wortham and Vindu Goel.
Kenya Mall Attack: Why Al-Shabaab Live-Tweeted The Assault 2013. Huffington Post. CBC.
Facebook strips away a bit more of your privacy - but won't say why 2013. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. You also agree to have your FACE displayed in ads ... bitch.
Twitter's Tony Wang issues apology to abuse victims 2013. BBC. BBC.
What is turning so many young men into internet trolls? 2013. The Guardian (UK). Claire Hardaker.
Twitter Bots Have No Trouble Fooling You, Getting More Influence Than Oprah 2013. Huffington Post. Bianca Boscar.
Facebook slurped phone numbers says Norton 2013. The Resister. Richard Chirgwin. The Social Network promises to behave.
Facebook Privacy: 6 Million Users' Contact Information Exposed 2013. Huffington Post. AP.
Facebook Competitors May Be Slowing Growth Of World's Largest Social Netwok 2013. Huffington Post. Timothy Stenovec.
Montreal woman's arrest highlights legal risks of social media 2013. CBC. Alexandria Kazia. Jennifer Pawluck's brush with law spurs new debate on policing social media.
How Tinder Experiment Lured 70 Guys To A Froyo Shop In Search Of Dream Girl 2013. Huffington Post. Bianca Bosker.
Child porn video appears on Facebook, goes viral 2013. Digital Journal. Martin Weinreb.
New social network is for DEAD PEOPLE 2013. The Register. Simon Sharwood. 'Immortalize the loved ones who are no longer with you'.
Facebook to pay NO tax for 2012 2013. Mail Online. Staff Reporter. Will get tax refund of $429M despite $1 BN profits.
Facebook devs HACKED in 'sophisticated' Java zero-day attack 2013. The Register. Jack Clark. Company laptops impounded, no evidence user data compromised.
Super search engine tracks terrorists - and you - via social networks 2013. NBC. Suzanne Choney.
New Frontier for Topics in Science: Social Media 2012. New York Times. Mary Ann Giordano.
Facebook proposes killing off user voting on policy changes 2012. The Register. Iain Thomson. Brief flirtation with democracy put down.
In Crisis, Public Officials Embrace Social Media 2012. New York Times. Brian Stelter.
Facebook surpasses one billion users as it tempts new markets 2012. BBC. Dave Lee.
Behind Facebook's Emotional Ad From Wieden & Kennedy 2012. AdAge Digital. Ann-Christine Diaz. Interesting comments....
It's Not Just a Mouse That Has to Click 2012. New York Times. Carolyn Bucior.
Facebook's latest brain wave: Flogging REAL fluffy tat 2012. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. Thanks for telling us where you live... bitch.
NYT Puts a Name on Facebook's Failed IPO - And It's Not Zuckerberg 2012. Forbes. David Penn.
Facebook announces crackdown on fake 'Likes' 2012. The Register. Iain Thomson. When only bots love you.
The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work 2012. Fast Company. Ryan Holmes.
Why Groupon Is Over and Facebook And Twitter Should Follow 2012. Forbes. Peter Cohan.
Why Facebook's Stock Is Tanking 2012. Daily Beast. Alex Klein.
Critic of NBC has Twitter account suspended after network complains 2012. Yahoo! Sports. Dan Wetzel.
Facebook shares hit new low on 1st earnings report since IPO 2012. CBC Business News. 'Growth is still at the low end of acceptable,' analyst says.
Weibo: How China's version of Twitter changed five lives 2012. BBC. Duncan Hewitt.
Fake sarnie shop's big fake Likes leave Facebook looking flaky 2012. The Register. Andrew Orlowski. Lies, damn Likes and statistics.
Facebook 'likes' and adverts' value doubted 2012. BBC News. Rory Cellan-Jones.
Facebook shuts down face recognition APIs after all 2012. The Register. Neil McAllister. Never mind what we said three weeks ago.
Facebook: Our phone app DID seize your email 2012. The Register. Bill Ray. Blame the bug... bitch.
Can you judge a man by his Twitter followers? 2012. The Register. Trevor Pott. Two accounts: A sanitised corporate one and my personal account.
Facebook loses face: Faced down in faceoff over face-placing 2012. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. OK, we'll get out of your Face ... bitch.
To Settle Lawsuit, Facebook Alters Policy for Its Like Button 2012. New York Times. Somini Sengupta.
Facebook 'Sponsored Stories' Lawsuit: Company To Pay $10 Million Settlement 2012. Huffington Post. Dan Levine and Sarah McBride.
Council chief overrules blackout on Scots 9-yr-old's school lunch blog! 2012. The Register. Anna Leach. 'No place for censorship here', thunders local pol.
LinkedIn users buried in spam after database leak 2012. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. Hackers go phishing with their new bait.
LinkedIn admits site hack, adds pinch of salt to passwords 2012. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. Biz network says it has upped security.
Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years: Analyst 2012. CNBC. Cadie Thompson.
On Facebook, `Likes' Become Ads 2012. New York Times. Somini Sengupta.
More firms will monitor social media use: Gartner 2012. IT World Canada. Grant Gross.
Valuation Doubts Rise As Social Network's Stock Takes Big Hit 2012. Huffington Post. Suzanne Barlyn and Ryan Vlastelica. Facebook Share Price Plunges Again.
Facebook shares close 11% below flotation price 2012. BBC. BBC.
Governments may hit social networks with cyber attacks 2012. The Register. Richard Chirgwin. Arab Spring alerted governments to power of Facebook, Twitter et al.
Two men rob internet cafe, but forget to log out of Facebook first 2012. Sophos, Naked Security. Grahm Cluley.
A Facebook Founder Renounces His U.S. Citizenship 2012. New York Times. Quentin Hardy.
Facebook to buy Instagram for $1-billion 2012. Globe and Mail. Omar el Akkad.
Facebook vows to fight BC privacy lawsuit 2012. Vancouver Sun. Gillian Shaw. Social media network's use of names, photos, has `completely overstepped'.
Facebook accused of 'wanton' use of Canadian woman's pics 2012. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. You signed up for this ... bitch.
Surprise! Facebook, Twitter still not THAT important for news 2012. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. Social media is over-hyped, concludes report.
Op-Ed: Do employment laws matter in the era of Facebook? 2012. Digital Journal. Leigh Goessl.
One man, two wives and an unfriendly Facebook scenario 2012. Takoma News Tribune. Adam Lynn.
What Employers Are Thinking When They Look At Your Facebook Page 2012. Forbes. Kashmir Hill.
Risk and Riches in User Data for Facebook 2012. New York Times. Somini Sengupta.
Male dinosaurs failing on social privacy 2012. The Register. Iain Thomson. Women are the smarter social sex, says study.
Homeland Analysts Told to Monitor Policy Debates in Social Media 2012. New York Times. Charlie Savage.
LinkedIn offers MORE SECURE hobnobbing option 2012. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. Social-network-for-suits finally gets some SSL love.
Personal Data's Value? Facebook Is Set to Find Out 2012. New York Times. Somini Sengupta and Evelyn M. Rusli.
Facebook flings clickjack spam lawsuit at ad-slingers 2012. The Register. Phil Muncaster. Social network teams up with Washington State to hound marketing firm.
New scam targets 'haters' of new Facebook Timeline 2012. Digital Journal. Leigh Goessl.
Study: Facebook cited in a third of divorces in 2011 2012. Digital Journal. Kesavan Unnikrishnan.
Did Too Much Well Wishing Crash Twitter Again? 2011. New York Times. Janna Wortham.
Facebook suggests you get out more - and it'll tell you how 2011. The Register. Anna Leach. It knows what you did last summer and next summer.
How Facebook tracks you across the web 2011. USA Today. Byron Achohido. Facebook tracking is under scrutiny.
Debt collectors warned off pursuing punters on Facebook 2011. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. OFT will bitchslap agencies who send heavies onto social networks.
Look who's talking ... about your Facebook Page 2011. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. New blabber analytics are wet dream for stats nerds.
Facebook: 'We didn't patent stalking logged-off users' 2011. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. We're just hunting unicorns ... bitch.
Facebook to scrub itself clean of filthy malware links 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Websense to sniff out stinky URLs on social network.
Facebook suggests sharing everything all the time 2011. The Register. Ian Thompson. Your life as a 'product'.
Facebook as Tastemaker 2011. New York Times. Somini Sengupta and Ben Sisario.
Twitter users charged with terrorism for false tweets 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Mass panic over erroneous kidnap claims.
Students Find Ways to Thwart Facebook Bans 2011. New York Times. Jennifer Conlin.
Fake Facebook spam cannon fires double-shotted malware 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Duff Flash on top of Blackhole, both packed with ZeuS.
Facebook pays bounties of $40,000 in first 3 weeks 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. $5,000 'for one really good report'.
Spamford Wallace charged for hacking 500,000 Facebookers 2011. The Register. Sam Goodin. Forbidden login at 10,000 feet.
Many parents are only on Facebook to stalk their kids 2011. The Register. Team Register. Try to friend offspring without speaking to them.
Facebooking juror gets 8 months 2011. The Register. John Oates. Jailed over msg lol.
Woman puts shout-out for hitman on Facebook 2011. The Register. Lester Haines. Offers 'a stack to kill my baby father'.
Facebook Changes Privacy Settings to Enable Facial Recognition 2011. New York Times. Nick Bilton.
Facebook, Foe of Anonymity, Is Forced to Explain a Secret 2011. New York Times. Miguel Helft.
Divorce Lawyers' New Friend: Social Networks 2011. New York Times. Nadine Brozan.
Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using Social Media 2011. New York Times. Trip Gabriel.
Facebook caught exposing millions of user credentials 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. App bug overrides user privacy settings.
Assange: Facebook a `spying machine' 2011. The Register. Richard Chirgwin. And media starts wars, says WikiLeaks founder.
Pakistani IT admin leaks bin Laden raid on Twitter 2011. The Register. Rick Myslewski. Twitterati learn of raid before bin Laden.
Keep Your Thumbs Still When I'm Talking to You 2011. New York Times. David Carr.
Feel Like a Wallflower? Maybe It's Your Facebook Wall 2011. New York Times. Jenna Wortham.
Photoshopped image scam used in rogue Facebook app trap 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Spreading across social network at 90,000 clicks an hour.
Paterson Teacher Suspended Over a Post on Facebook 2011. New York Times. Winnie Hu.
Facebook Prepares to Add Friends in Washington 2011. New York Times. Miguel Helft and Matt Richtel.
Twitter Turns Five: #happybirthday! 2011. NPR. National Public Radio. NPR.
How Do I Love Thee? Count 140 Characters 2011. New York Times. Randy Kennedy.
Libya's internet goes dark as upheaval spreads 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Net communications severed.
Egypt switches off the internet 2011. The Register. John Oates. The server at is taking too long to respond.
Facebook 'stalker tracker' tool just makes you a spammer 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Paranoia don't pay, see.
'Most stupid criminal ever' blew cover on Facebook 2011. The Register. Lester Haines. Burglar posted gloating self-portrait from victim's own laptop.
Facebook users subjected to more clickjacking 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Your consent without your approval.
Countries where Facebook is not, yet, king 2011. The Register. John Oates. Not just China.
Internet use disrupted in Bahrain as protests turn bloody 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Missing: 20% of country's traffic.
Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution 2011. New York Times. Sheryl Gay Stolberg.
Egypt Leaders Found `Off' Switch for Internet 2011. New York Times. James Glanz.
Facebook Officials Keep Quiet on Its Role in Revolts 2011. New York Times. Jennifer Preston.
GOP Rep. Chris Lee resigns over shirtless photo on Web 2011. USA Today. Fredreka Schouten.
Social Media Transforming Dating 2011.
Fake Twitter Accounts Get Real Laughs 2011. New York Times. Ashely Parker.
Outrage and a Facebook Page That Gave It a Voice 2011. New York Times. Jennifer Preston.
`The Net Delusion' and the Egypt Crisis 2011. New York Times. Lee Siegel.
Gates: Killing the internet is easy 2011. The Register. Gavin Clarke. Gun power trumps tweet power.
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked 2011. The Toronto Star. Lesley Ciarula Taylor.
Tunisia plants country-wide keystroke logger on Facebook 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Gmail and Yahoo! too.
French president recovers from Facebook hack 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Zut alors.
Facebook suspends personal data-sharing feature 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Developers kicked back out of your undie drawer.
Creepy as hell: Facebook developers get to know you better 2011. The Register. Bill Ray and John Leyden. Home addresses and mobile numbers up for grabs.
In Tunisia, social media are main source of news about protests 2011. Los Angeles Times. Nathan Olivarez-Giles.
Facebook facing fall-down issues 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Down or out?.
Tweeting Tyrants Out of Tunisia: Global Internet at Its Best 2011. Wired. Nate Anderson Ars Technica.
Hot Social Networking Site Cools as Facebook Grows 2011. New York Times. Tim Arango.
Facebook Wins Relatively Few Friends in Japan 2011. New York Times. Hiroko Tabuchi.
Facebook revenues 'hit $1.2 billion in nine months' 2011. The Register. Cade Metz. 2010 financials leaked.
Goldman Invests in Facebook at $50 Billion Valuation 2011. New York Times. Andrew Ross Sorkin and Evelyn M. Rusli.
Social media will assist police, futurists predict 2011. Calgary Herald. Shannon Proudfoot.
Facebook gets poked in latest privacy gaffe 2010. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. 'No personal details were used. But we're changing our tech anyway.. bitch'.
Obama Twitter hacker avoids jail 2010. The Register. John Leyden. Guessed admin passwords.
Facebook mulls u-turn on privacy 2010. BBC. BBC. Mounting pressure: "Quit Facebook Day", May 31st.
Mucky private chat could be illegal soon 2010. The Register. Jane Fae Ozimek. Risky encounters of the IRC and Twitter kind.
World's Largest Social Network: The Open Web 2010. New York Times. Randall Stross.
Twitter-based mafia game irritates world+dog 2009. The Register. An offer you can refuse.
We can do anything we want with your content. Forever. 2009. Consumerist. Chris Walters. Facebook's New Terms of Service:.
Propelled by Internet, Barack Obama Wins Presidency 2008. Wired. Sarah Lai Stirland.
The '08 Campaign: Sea Change for Politics as We Know It 2008. New York Times. Adam Nagourney. "The year campaigns leveraged the Internet in ways never imagined.".
Presidential Elections in the Internet Era 2008. Findlaw. FindLaw. Eric Sinrod.
Internet's Broader Role in Campaign 2008 2008. Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Pew Research Center. Survey Reports: Social Networking and Online Videos Take Off.
Social networkers risk losing their identities 2006. The Register. John Leyden. US National Cyber Security Alliance's research focuses on social networking.
Politics Faces Sweeping Change via the Web 2006. New York Times. Adam Nagourney. Internet transforms US politics.
Internet Injects Sweeping Change Into U.S. Politics 2006. New York Times. Adam Nagourney. Internet's effect on US politics.