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News stories
Tech and Media Companies Back Microsoft in Privacy Case 2014. New York Times. Nick Wingfield.
XRay: A New Tool for Tracking the Use of Personal Data on the Web 2014. New York Times. Steve Lohr.
Inside Citizen Lab, the "Hacker Hothouse" protecting you from Big Brother 2014. Arstechnica. Joshua Kopstein.
Apple May Be Spying On You Through Your iPhone 2014. Reuters.
2014. Daily Beast. Use or Look at Online Privacy Tools? NSA Labels You an `Extremist'.
US Supreme Court: Duh, obviously cops need a warrant to search mobes 2014. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. Laws written before world + dog stored whole life on phones.
27 Data-Slurping Facts BuzzFeed Doesn't Want You To Know! 2014. The Register. Jasper Hamill. 'Fun' quizzes drill down into your MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS.
The quantum cryptography arms race has begun 2014. InfoWorld. Roger Grimes. When it does, encryption won't be the same again.
EXPOSED: Massive mobile malware network used by cops globally 2014. The Register. Ian Thomson. Police can deploy surveillance software that'll make hackers green with eny.
To Stop Dragnet Surveillance, Make It Cost $10,000 Per Person, Per Day 2014. Motherboard.
Canada's Spy Agencies Don't Care About Your Retweets 2014. Motherboard. Ben Makuch.
Why @CIA's First Tweet Wasn't Funny 2014. Motherboard. Jordan Pearson.
Some Governments Have 'Permanent Access' To Telecom Networks 2014. Huffington Post. Danica Kirka, Associated Press.
The NSA Probably Really, Really Wants a Quantum Computer 2014. The Atlantic. Adrienne LaFrance. How long until the security agency gets one?.
Court Rules We Should Have A Say In What Comes Up When We're Googled 2014. Huffington Post. Toby Sterling, AP.
Call for Limits on Web Data of Customers 2014. New York Times. David E.Sanger, Steve Lohr.
Bill S-4 Tories' Digital Privacy Act, An Attack On Digital Privacy: Critics 2014. Huffington Post. Daniel Tencer.
Gmail Encryption Meant To Frustrate NSA Spying Activities 2014. Huffington Post. AP.
Facebook's New 'DeepFace' Program Is Just As Creepy As It Sounds 2014. Huffington Post. Dino Grandoni.
How bad is it? 1 in 3 can hunt you down at HOME - research 2014. The Register. John Leyden. The TRUTH about LEAKY, STALKING, SPYING smartphone applications.
Snowden: Canadian spooks used free airport WiFi to track travellers 2014. The Register. Simon Sharwood. Report says sniffing was probably illegal as local Spookhaus defends actios.
Cameron: UK public is fine with domestic spying 2014. The Register. Shaun Nichols. Privacy? Meh. PM thinks the man on the street is past all that.
Bell's Tracking Of Customers Is 'Wrong,' Consumer Groups Say 2014. Huffington Post. Sunny Freeman.
Obama Speech Acknowledges Changes Needed To Surveillance 2014. Huffington Post. Matt Sledge. Edward Snowden Vindicated.
'The Americans Lied': Trans-Atlantic 'No-Spy' Deal on the Rocks 2014. Spiegel International. Veit Medick and Annett Meiritz.
Canada says Google broke law by snooping health info to serve ads 2014. The Register. Neil McAllister. Targeting users based on their ailments violates privacy - who knew?.
New York Times, Guardian Urge Obama To Help NSA Whistleblower 2014. Huffington Post.
NSA Uses Windows Error Messages To Spy On People 2013. Huffington Post.
Tesco's Facial Recognition Scanners Raise Privacy Concerns 2013. Huffington Post.
NSA-friendly cyber-slurp law CISPA back on the table with new Senate bill 2013. The Register. Iain Thomson. Unsurprisingly with spooks' full support.
Facebook strips away a bit more of your privacy - but won't say why 2013. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. You also agree to have your FACE displayed in ads ... bitch.
NSA illegally collected thousands of emails, US admits 2013. BBC. British Broadcasting Corporation.
Spying On Its Own: The NSA's Deep Bag Of Tricks 2013. Planet Infowars.
Drone Entrepreneurs Wanting To Strike It Rich Watching Your Every Move 2013. Huffington Post. Bianca Bosker.
Google: Gmail Users Can't Legitimately Expect Privacy 2013. Huffington Post. Braden Goyette.
Trash Cans Track Consumers: Ad Firm Renew Told To Ditch Wi-Fi Garbage Bins 2013. Huffington Post. Raphael Satter UP.
DEA Special Ops Div Covers Up Surveillance Used To Investigate Americans 2013. Huffington Post. Reuters.
NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet' 2013. The Guardian. Glen Greenwals.
Microsoft Tries To Outdo Google, Facebook Outrage Over PRISM 2013. Huffington Post. Dino Grandoni. "Your Privacy is Our Priority" Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Uh-huh.
Using E-Mail Data to Connect the Dots of Your Life 2013. New York Times. Brian X. Chen.
PRISM part of a much larger government surveillance program 2013. Salon. AP.
U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms 2013. Bloomberg. Michael Riley.
NSA snooping: Facebook reveals details of data requests 2013. BBC News. British Broadcasting Corporation.
Mozilla, ACLU, others join fight against NSA domestic spying 2013. The Register. Neil McAllister. Congress, courts urged to take immediate action.
NSA PRISM deepthroat VANISHES as pole-dance lover cries into keyboard 2013. The Register. Jasper Hamill. Blogging bikini babe blubs about 'the ones I never got to bid adieu'.
Tech Companies Tread Lightly in Statements on U.S. Spying 2013. New York Times. Andrew Ross Sorkin. Who Us?.
Obama defends broad phone, Internet spy programs 2013. NewsDaily. ScienceDaily. Lara Jakes (AP).
NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech - and you should too 2013. The Register. Trevor Pott.
Amazon confirms CIA spook cloud contract 2013. The Register. Jack Clark. Prepares to go to the mat with IBM in battle of old versus new.
Your Smartphone Works for the Surveillance State 2013. Harvard Business Review. Harvard University. James Allworth.
Global netizens see worrying trend in US spying 2013. NewsDaily. ScienceDaily. Jack Chang (AP).
Internet Shrugs Off NSA Data Mining 2013. Huffington Post. Bianca Bosker. People 'Numb To The Fact That They're Being Watched'.
US spyboss: Yes, we ARE snooping on you, but think of the TERRORISTS 2013. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. What did you think those NSA guys were doing all day?.
Forget phones, PRISM plan shows internet firms give NSA everything 2013. The Register. Iain Thomson. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Yahoo! and others open their legs servers.
Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program 2013. New York Times. Clair Cain Miller.
Administration Says Mining of Data Is Crucial to Fight Terror 2013. New York Times. Eric Schmitt, David E. Sanger, Charlie Savage.
Internet giants deny granting government 'direct access' to servers 2013. Reuters. Poornima Gupta and Gerry Shih.
Internet giants deny granting government 'direct access' to servers 2013. Reuters. Poornima Gupta and Gerry Shih.
What if we thought more often about being tracked online? 2013. Sarah Kessler. Man stalks himself to find out.
Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams 2013. ARS Technica. Nate Anderson. The Remote Administration Tool is the revolver of the Internet's Wild West.
Spammers unleash DIY phone number slurping web tool 2013. The Register. John Leyden. Well it is Valentine's Day... How else are you going to get those digits?.
Canadian Industry Groups Want to Legalize Spyware? 2013. Freezenet. Drew Wilson.
City in Virginia Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation 2013. US News. Jason Koebler.
Snowden leaks: US and UK 'crack online encryption' 2013. BBC News. British Broadcasting Corporation.
The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back 2013. The Guardian. Bruce Schneier.
Search Engine Finds Internet-Connected Devices 2013. Forbes. Kashmire Hill. Cameras, Traffic Lights, Medical Devices, Baby Monitors And Power Plants.
Senate votes to continue FISA domestic spying through 2017 2012. The Register. Neil McAllister. All proposed privacy amendments rejected.
Parliament to unleash barrage of criticism on Snoopers' Charter 2012. The Register. Duncan Cambell. Unseen spook Farr back again with plan to tap the UK net.
Losing in Court and to Laptop Thieves in Battle With NASA Over Private data 2012. New York Times. Natasha Singer.
U.S. Is Tightening Web Privacy Rule to Shield Young 2012. New York Times. Natasha Singer.
'People will give you their data if you don't do nobbish things with it!' 2012. The Register. Blinding insight from shrewd wonkateers.
Congress report warns: drones will track faces from the sky 2012. The Register. Richard Chirgwin. I am the eye in the sky, looking at you.
Judge: Twitter offers free speech, American style 2012. The Register. Neil McAllister. Just don't expect privacy, too.
Twitter exposes Gov't requests for user data 2012. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. USA dominates league table.
Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes' 2012. The Register. Rik Myslew. 'Military-grade' surveillance can see through windows.
You for Sale: Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer Genome 2012. New York Times. Natasha Singer.
`Barcode everyone at birth' 2012. BBC Future. British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC.
Off-the-shelf forensics tool slurps iPhone data via iCloud 2012. The Register. John Leden. Cops don't need your actual phone any more.
Visa and MasterCard warn of credit card data breach 2012. The Register. Iaian Thomson. Rumors swirl over size of snafu.
Weeing Frenchman sues Google over Street View photo 2012. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. Peeing pic makes him a laughing stock in his village.
iPhone photo-slurping loophole sparks app privacy fears 2012. The Register. John Leyden. Contact lists, pics, vids ... what else can devs grab?.
Apple Loophole Gives Developers Access to Photos 2012. New York Times. Nick Bilton.
White House, Consumers in Mind, Offers Online Privacy Guidelines 2012. New York Times. Edward Wyatt.
Google must channel SOPA rage again - against your privacy 2012. The Register. Andrew Orlowski. Once more unto the breach, dear netizens.
EU: Time running out for web companies on 'do not track' system 2012. The Register. Steely Neelie: Agree on it by June, or I'll force one on you.
Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy 2012. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell. Infuriated customers want to know how the Goog got their addresses.
EFF appeal win reopens NSA dragnet spying case 2011. The Register. Iain Thomson. San Francisco spying room will be investigated.
Netflix set to make your video history public 2011. The Register. Natalie Apostolou. That Jenna Jameson phase will haunt you.
How websites use your browser to sell you for cash 2011. The Register. Trevor Pot. We (reluctantly) tell you how to avoid being product.
NSA whistleblower details intelligence cock-ups 2011. The Register. Iain Thomson. 'Government and companies routinely abuse data privacy'.
Hundreds of websites share usernames sans permission 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Photobucket, Wall Street Journal, Home Depot take liberties with your perso.
OnStar backs down over GPS tracking of ex-customers 2011. The Register. Iain Thomson. Slams brakes after consumer revolt.
US lawmakers call for FTC probe of supercookies 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Hundreds of sites caught employee secret snoop tech.
Internet of things: Should you worry if your jeans go smart? 2011. BBC. British Broadcasting Corporation. Katia Moskvitch. "Endless opportunities"....
Sneaky tracking code (finally) purged from Microsoft sites 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. 'Supercookies' eluded user privacy choices.
Google's South Korean Offices Raided Over Data Collection 2011. New York Times. Reuters.
No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Secret Apple database already being tapped by cops.
Google location tracking can invade privacy, hackers say 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. Unique IDs + router addresses = potential abuse.
Google Says It Collects Location Data on Phones for Location Services 2011. New York Times. Miguel Helft.
Hidden Tracking Files Found in iPhone, iPad 2011. CNBC. Nick Bilton, New York Times.
Microsoft promises not-quite-as-much Street View 2011. The Register. John Oates. Seriously?.
Actress meets feds investigating nude photo Gmail hack 2011. The Register. John Leyden. Leery hacking ring targets Hollywood celebs.
New Jersey Nearly Sold Secret Data 2011. New York Times. Richard Perez-Pena.
Man nabbed nude pics from women's email accounts 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. 'Sextortion' run amok.
Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin. 230,000 patient records exposed.
1986 Privacy Law Is Outrun by the Web 2011. New York Times. Miguel Helft and Claire Cain Miller.
Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You 2011. New York Times. Steve Lohr.
Sheriff's Department database leak puts snitches at risk 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Blame it on the sys admin.
McDonald's breach bares nuggets of customer data 2010. The Register. John Leyden. Oh burger.
Easy Numbers for ID Theft, Tossed Around by the Military 2010. New York Times. Matt Richtel.
Google charges feds $25 a head for user surveillance 2010. The Register. Cade Metz. Microsoft charges zilch.
A regulatory nightmare: Facebook and its goal of a less private Web 2010. Globe and Mail. Omar El Akkad and Jacquie McNish.
Exposed: leaked body scans published online 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Proves pervscan images can be saved.
E.U. Says It Will Overhaul Privacy Regulations 2010. The Register. Eric Pfanner.
Facebook pages very much public, even when set as private 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Privacy theater.
Google ordered to pay out for automated defamation 2010. The Register. John Oates. Search suggestion libels Frenchman.
Judge bashes warrantless cellphone tracking 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Tower data protected by Fourth Amendment.
Disney sued for spying on kids with 'zombie cookies' 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Snooping with 'little available redress for users'.
How an ancient printer can spill your most intimate secrets 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Needles and pins.
Web attack knows where you live 2010. BBC. Visiting a booby-trapped website could direct attackers to a person's home.
BlackBerry dispute widens control debate 2010. Globe and Mail. Omar El Akkad.
For E-Data, Tug Grows Over Privacy vs. Security 2010. New York Times. Miguel Helft.
'Suspicious' Android wallpaper app nabs user data 2010. The Register. John Leyden. Up to 4 million downloads.
Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. Forever is a mighty long time.
Lawsuit targets social website 2010. Winnipeg Free Press. Melissa Martin. Claims Facebook sells users' personal info.
Facebook apps must now seek permission for user data 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. What took so &#@!ing long?.
Medical diagnoses for 130,000 people vanish into thin air 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin. 'Dear Patient'.
Quit Facebook Day flops 2010. John Leyden. The Register. John Leyden. Breaking the habit ain't easy.
Facebook gives users' names to advertisers 2010. The Register. The Register. Violates own privacy policy.
Flaw lets hackers delete Facebook friends 2010. Dan Goodin. The Register. The Register. Bug haunts site from beyond grave.
More Countries Question Google on Privacy 2010. New York Times. Kevin J. O'Brien.
Google Street View whacked by German prosecutors, Czech data watchdog 2010. The Register. Kelly Fiveash. Wi-Fi slurping spycars scrutinised in Europe.
Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks 2010. The Register. Andrew Orlowski. Peace Prize for Mr. Zuckerberg?.
Facebook Executive Answers Reader Questions 2010. New York Times. New York Times.
Facebook Glitch Brings New Privacy Worries 2010. New York Times. Jenna Wortham.
Shoppers Who Can't Have Secrets 2010. New York Times. Natasha Singer. Life in "post-privacy society".
Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline 2010. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Kurt Opsahl. Electronic Frontier Foundation's analysis of Facebook privacy policy.
Workers scared to befriend bosses on Facebook 2010. The Register. John Leyden. Careless updates cost prospects.
Lawyer: Laptops took thousands of images 2010. John P. Martin. Students photographed in their homes.
Microsoft teams with Google in name of privacy 2010. The Register. Gavin Clarke. Strange bedfellows back US law overhaul.
In Bid to Sway Sales, Cameras Track Shoppers 2010. New York Times. Stephanie Rosenbloom.
Feds open school spycam probe 2010. The Register. John Oates. MacBook snoop row.
US school comes out fighting over webcam spy claim 2010. The Register. John Ozimek.
FBI calls for two year retention for ISP data 2010. The Register. John Oates. Origin and destination if you please sir.
Study: US web users reject behavioural advertising 2009. The Register. Citizens unexpectedly renounce spying and subterfuge.
Universities Spar Over Disappearing Electronic Messages 2009. New York Times. John Markoff. Not fade away?.
Accused TJX hacker faces 15 to 20 2009. The Register. Austin Modine. The largest (known) identity theft caper in US history.
Boffins guess social security numbers via public data 2009. The Register. Dan Goodin. Ninty-percent sucess rate in locations such as Vermont.
E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress 2009. New York Times. James Risen and Eric Lichtblau. Renewed scrutiny of NSA over domestic surveillance.
Privacy May Be a Victim in Cyberdefense Plan 2009. New York Times. Thom Shanker and David E. Sanger. Cyberwar.
Boffins sniff keystrokes with lasers, oscilloscopes 2009. The Register. Dan Goodin. Part-time hackers demo two inexpensive and novel ways to sniff keystrokes.
10 Best Uses for RFID Tags 2009. Wired. Wired Magazine. Mike Olson. Would you believe cacti, elephants, and surgical sponges?.
Mr. and Mrs. Boring lose Google Street View tilt 2009. The Register. Cade Metz. Google take note: keep out of my driveway!.
US credit card payment house breached by sniffing malware 2009. The Register. Dan Goodin. Joins growing list of compromised credit card handlers.
McCain campaign sells unwiped Blackberry for $20 2008. The Register. Dan Goodin. Reporter's windfall includes hundreds of emails.
Is filming someone in the street a breach of privacy? 2008. The Register. A tricky question.
IT exec accused of $10m backup tape theft 2008. The Register. Dan Goodin. Black Marketing Personal Information.
Bush orders NSA to snoop on US agencies 2008. The Register. Ashlee Vance. A new use for Cray supercomputers - spying on U.S. citizens.
Sears sued for website that leaked customer purchases 2008. The Register. Dan Goodin. Hackers get what they want.
Google Zooms In Too Close for Some 2007. New York Times. Miguel Helft. Big Brother Google is watching you....
Google wants to really get to know you 2007. The Register. Lucy Sherriff. I'm in a Google database and I can't get out!.
StolenIDSearch 2007. TrustedID. Find out if your SSN is one of more than 2, 366,912 comporomised numbers.
Google developing eavesdropping software 2006. The Register. Have you been Googled lately? Please speak into the microphone..
Florida laptop loss sparks ID theft fears 2006. The Register. John Leyden. Private goes public for 133,000 Florida residents.
Electronic Frontier Foundation issues Google Desktop Warning 2006. The Register. John Leyden. Google rifles your desk, helps itself.
Wiretapping, FISA, and the NSA 2006. The Register. Mark Rasch, SecurityFocus. US wiretapping law, FISA, & Presidential powers plus technology - privacy?.
Marriott starts credit check service after losing data tapes 2005. The Register. Ashlee Vance. Financial info on 206,000 lost..
US moves forward on data privacy 2005. The Register. Senator Leahy co-sponser of bill to provide increased data security.
Lost Credit Data Imporperly Kept, Company Admits 2005. New York Times. Eric Dash. Forty million credit card holders exposed to financial risk.
Time Warner Says Data on Employees is Lost 2005. New York Times. Tom Zeller Jr.. Backup tapes contained personal information on 600,000 people.
Privacy "Dark Ages" force activist rethink 2005. The Register. John Leyden. The coming privacy wars....
ID theft is inescapable 2005. The Register. Thomas C. Greene. Read it and weep: nobody's safe, even if they're not online.

The Paranoid's Guide to Facebook 2010. PC World. Logan Kugler. Facebook can be a very scary place....
Online ID theft, an employee IT security guide 2009. The Register. 10Mb download: guide, handout, slideshow, posters.
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WHO@ - Working to Halt Online Abuse 2005. Online abuse or harassment - help in stopping.
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