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The 4-Hand 555 Sextet

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What it does?

Here are some photos of my Winter 2017 project. And Spring. And possibly Summer.

It started out as an integration of a dozen or so electronics kits that I had assembled over the years, but like the universe we live in it evolved into a seemingly infinitely expanding project.

Right. So What it does?

It also satisfies a longtime desire to do something cool with a couple of really neat control panels salvaged from some test equipment associated with a mainframe computer that Bishops University scrapped back in the '80s.

Ok, ok. So What it does?

The project is consists of six N555 astable multivibrators under the control of six variable interval timers which are in turn under the control of a master variable interval timer and four environmental sensors and all monitored by an oscilloscope and a digital counter.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What it does?

I call it the 4-Hand 555 Sextet. Model 456.

Are you going to tell us what it does or not?

Oh, did I say it will be Bluetooth enabled?

Say what it does or I'm leaving!

Very well then. What it does, is it does many things. It is multi-purpose. First, and foremost, it is a

Musical instrument for 1 or 2 players.

It also functions as

Door annunciator

Alarm clock

Lighting genie

Advanced High-Frequency Sonic Cannon

Temperature alarm

Morse code practice oscillator

Cat distractor

LED light show

Multisensory intrusion alarm

Digital Paperweight/Doorstop

Marketing is working on a bigger list. I'll keep you posted.