Attention Airmen!

There's a new Montauk Project!

Did your United States Air Force military service include time spent at the USAF 773rd Radar Station, Montauk Point, New York?

If so, the ad hoc 773rd Radar Squadron reunion committee would like to hear from you!

On a warm and sunny Saturday, September the 14th, 2013, Larry Goodwin, Rychal Kuratomi, Bruce Miller, and Richard Swartwout rendezvoused at the Shagwong Tavern in Montauk, Long Island to reminisce about old times and begin planning for a reunion during September, 2014.

After downing a few pints at the Shagwong, the group set off for the old 773rd Radar site at Montauk Point. On foot, of course.

Several of the old buildings, including barracks 109, the gym, the mess hall, the BX, Ops, and the FPS-35 tower are intact and the entire site has been incorporated into the Montauk Point New York State Park.

The rusty, deteriorating sail still sits atop the 35 Tower, and along with the remaining buildings brought back many memories of by-gone years.

So get in touch! Sit down and send us an email at

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It's Coming!

U.S. Air Force, 773rd Radar Squadron (SAGE) Reunion

When: 13 September 2014
Where: Camp Hero State Park
Montauk Point Long Island
Montauk, NY
Sign-in: 1000-1300 Hrs at old tennis courts on east side of the 35 Tower.
There will be a locator showing who has signed-in and where they are located in the park.

Formal muster: 1300 hrs at Tennis Courts.

Bring a picnic basket there are lots of picnic sites throughout the park and the old Montauk Air Force Station (AFS) site. Tour the park, lighthouse and AFS.
For Discussion: Dinner, large group at Gossman's? or individual smaller groups at old favorites?
Afternoon activities: Sightseeing, Star Island, Yacht Clubs, Coast Guard Gurney's, Fort Pond, 2nd House, Manor, Golf Club, Gossman's Dock, etc.
Dinner: 1800 Hrs

We're hoping to connect with as many former "inmates" as possible, including those listed here along with their last known whereabouts:

?, Dana
?, George
?, Lonnie (Pittsburg PA)
Anderson, Paul
Andrasko, Danny (Bridgeport CT)
Androzo, Ronald (San Diego CA)
Annis, ?
Barr, Terry
Barthomew, ?
Bingham, Marc (New Orleans LA)
Blemel, Jerry (Rochester NY)
Burroughs, C
Cavalaro, Frankie (Brooklyn NY)
Chilson, Thom (Islip LI)
Connors, Charlie
Derrrington, Paul
Farmer, Larry
Fields, Freddie (Montauk LI)
First-Sgt Quinn
Fountain, Ron
Free, Tim
Friend, Reverend Howard & Betsy (Montauk) Gideon, Richard (New Haven CT)
Gordon, Lee (Bronx NY)
Harris, ?
Jacobs, Ken (Montauk LI)
Kull, Steve
Leonard, Wes (Montauk LI)
Lockhart, "Spider"
Lockwood, Dan (Orangeville CA)
Lough, John (Uniontown PA)
Means, Jim (Punxsutawny PA)
Mielnik, Jim (Virginia)
Monahan, Ken (NYC)
Morgan, ? (CT)
Nanibida, Greg (NY?)
Nolan, ?
Prast, Bill (NY)
Rodriquez, ?
Shanahan, John (Croton-on-the-Hudson New York)
Schifer, Greg (Texas)
Shiffano, Vince (Indiana)
Shortino, Bob Nancy (NJ)
Sosnak, Gary (Wilkes Barre PA)
Staff Sgt Ryan
Trapanese, Richard (Long Island)
W., Craig
Whitworth, ? (Kentucky?)
Wilson, John (Virginia)
Woodbury, George
Zukowski, Charles (Denver Co)