About Hermit.cc

Hermit.cc is about classic Triumph motorcycles, personal computers, and what's left of our natural world.

The web site is presented in the spirit of Stuart Brand and his idea that "information wants to be free".

Hermit.cc is best viewed on a desktop personal computer with a good graphics card and a decent sized monitor, but if you want to look at it on an itty-bitty screen the size of a hand-warmer I've done the best I can do to accommodate you.

The 'Bonnie Ref' is dedicated to the maintenance and repair of the iconic 1969 650 Triumph Bonneville, and other late sixties Triumph 650s. With hundreds of photos and illustrations and hyperlinks to other Internet resources, it's ready to help make a mechanic out of any Triumph owner.

The Free Library is a collection of original material created during 22 years of teaching computer subjects at a New England community college. This is the "good stuff" - unlock the super-user in yourself!

The Pipeline Blues chronicles the historic stand made by a small band of landowners against TQM and TCPLs' PNGTS-Extension natural gas pipeline project through the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Of particular interest to those living near, or those being threatened by proposed pipeline projects.

The rest is mostly just silly stuff.

As for the Hermit, he lives in a tree stump in the far corner of the back forty.

One thing you can count on is him showing up for supper.

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