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Bonnie's Back Pages  are chocked full of info on the legendary Triumph T120R Bonneville 650. You'll find heaps of technical info, thousands of photos, hundreds of outside resources, and detailed instructions on maintaining and tuning the Classic Bonneville.

Classic British MC Links  Hundreds of links for British motorcycles, including Triumph, BSA, Norton, and Vincent. Where to find parts, service, photos, clubs, history, books, accessories, bikes for Sale, and more.

Two-Wheeled Humor  Funny stories and some especially dark English humor from Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.

The Bonnie Ref: A Hyperlink Junkie's Illustrated Field Guide
This hypertext guide to the care and feeding of the classic 1969 Triumph Bonneville is intensely illustrated and offers maintenance and repair tips and techniques accompanied by parts lists, specs, Triumph service bulletins, links to WWW resources, and a whole lot more.

More Triumph 650 Technical Articles A panier of tips and techniques to help keep your classic Triumph 650 Bonneville in good fettle.

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The PC Library Index to Bruce Miller's PC software articles, including Local Area Networking, Database, Security, Operating Systems, MS-Office Application Software, etc.

Digital News Digest  If it's digital, it's news to us! Links to vintage news and articles about cybercrime, cyberwarfare, digital currency, Google, hactivism, internet security, malware, privacy, and social networking.

Database Case Studies  Need help with relational database design? Let these ten step-by-step relational database design case studies guide you.

Computer Brain Teasers  Computer whizzes! Try out Hermit's computer brain teasers. Feeling Stuck? Solutions and instructions included. Be the life of the party with these amazing data tricks!


Hermit Photo Album Links to all the photo albums in one convenient location! Hermit gathers moss.. and lichen and fungii. Hope to be adding more of these sometime.

Something Fishy Here! Grown men holding fish and grinning. Pics of my brother Greg's recent fishing trips.

The Gizmo Gadget A 4-Hand 555 Sextet. But what does it do?

The Pipeline Blues

The Pipeline Blues is the inside story of a natural gas pipeline project told from the perspectives of affected landowners. Under pressure from landowners, TQM's PNGTS project became the first ever pipeline project to undergo a Secondary Route Hearing before Canada's National Energy Board. Here's the dirty low down.

Big oil is a dirty business And it's out to give you the business. Stay out front with our Big Oil reading list.


All the Divertissments! Department of miscellaneous here. The carrot cake recipe is five stars. After that it all gets quite silly.

Original sinetifik research
Just how much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Don't tell us you've never wondered!

Jerry Garcia & the Grateful Dead
Ninety-five factoids about Jerry & the Dead. Keep on trucking like the Doo-dah Man!

Hermit's Humorous Quotes Collection

"You are wise, witty and wonderful,
but you spend too much time reading this sort of stuff."
Jim Critchfield

Got procrastination on your mind? Spend a little time with Hermit's quotes collection.

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