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Maintenance and repair of the iconic 1969 650 Triumph Bonneville, and other late-sixties 650 models. Info on every aspect of owning and wrenching a Bonnie, illustrated with hundreds and hundreds of photos and drawings.

You know what they say... "Triumph, makes a mechanic out of a man"!

The Free Library: informative articles on computer hardware and software. Hermit's 12-part networking series has total coverage of computer networking from the ground up. Database articles explain the principles of relational database design clearly and simply using a dozen illustrated case studies. Other series include operating systems, computer security, MS-Word, MS-Excel, and lots more.

A chronicle of the Trans Quebec & Maritimes natural gas pipeline project through the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and the landowners who banded together to challenge the pipeline industry and federal bureaucracy to precipitate the first ever Canadian National Energy Board Detailed Route Hearing for a pipeline. Spoiler alert. It didn't end well for the landowners. But in ways, victory was still theirs.

Divertissments without advertisements. Hermit's Humorous Quotes, plus 95 things you might not know about Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, plus the World's Best Carrot Cake recipe! And lots more goofy stuff too.

Photos of scenic Southern Quebec and Northern Vermont, including the Green Mountains. Also photos from around the Hermitage, and sooooo many photos of the iconic 1969 650 Triumph Bonneville, in the shop and on the road!