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Everything Triumph. Get loads of info and tips on maintaining, tuning, and repairing classic 650 Triumph Bonneville motorcycles. Hundreds and hundreds of photos.

Home of
The Bonnie Ref
A Hyperlink Junkie's Illustrated Field Guide
to the 1969 Triumph Bonneville

Hermit's Free Library

Comprehensive collection of articles on computer technology, including networking, operating systems, database design & management, computer security, desktop applications, and lots more.

The Pipeline Blues

David and Goliath. A chronicle of the PNGTS Extension natural gas pipeline project and the landowners who banded together to challenge the pipeline industry and precipitate the first ever Canadian National Energy Board Detailed Route Hearing for a pipeline.

Hermit's Photo Album

Photo albums on a variety of subjects including nature, the Hermitage, and Triumph motorcycles.


Divertissments without advertisements: short subjects. Everything from Hermit's humorous quotes collection to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead to the World's Best Carrot Cake recipe.

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